Having an Old Man Day

It must be getting to release season as all the mailing lists are full of the standard vitriol and closed minded partisanship that has made too many people zone out. It has gotten to the point where I realized that I am sounding like my father talking to my self-absorbed teenage self:

The World Doesn't Revolve Around You!

Then I have to sit down and take my geriatric medicine and wonder.. at what point did I become a Really Cranky Old Man (I remember that I became an Old Man at 19, and a Cranky Old Man at 29, but Really Cranky?)


Anonymous said...

is it the ipad thing? hehe

Stephen Smoogen said...

@mairin Oh it is that thing to the various items of people inside of Fedora Development list talking as if they have the ONE TRUE DEVELOPMENT method and all others must be eliminated.