Please Vote for Advistory and FESCO board seats

As Paul Frields pointed out the elections for 3 seats on the Fedora Advisory Board and 5 seats on the FESCO board are open and being voted on. There have been several questionaire's, several town hall meetings for people to ask questions, and all of the candidates are available to talk to via email if you have a question.

Please vote. While I am running for the FAB, I would just like people to vote even if its against me. Currently we have less that 10% of potential voters electing the people, and that is a shame because it means people who do not vote have given up their voice. And not being happy with any of the candidates is not an excuse. Range Voting allows for you to log in, give zero points to every person if you don't like any candidate OR give the same number of points to every candidate if you like them all.

And here is a reason to vote against me :). If I win a board seat, I will work on making it so that voting in one FESCO and Board meeting a year is mandatory to remain as a packager in good standing.

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