Orange is the new Green

No I mean Blue, no I mean Red, no.. One of the things I have noticed is how colours change in marketing campaigns regularly. A couple of years ago, EVERYTHING had to be Green: green backgrounds, green fonts, etc.. Lush deep plant greens to symbolize the "Green movement" of 2007/2008 where everyone wanted to show how "Green" they were in lowering energy costs (or some similar marketing bull.) A couple of years before that it was Blue, going from powder blue to deep sky with images of "Sky's the limit.", "Deep Blue ocean wonders", etc.. And before that I think it was Red as the colour people went for.

Now we have Orange. So far today I have seen 2 Linux ads with Orange, a Toyota ad using an Orange I have not seen since 1966 ads (even with the modernist font of that time frame), and various others using Orange in various bright forms. Technically some of these colors are probably called Amber, but using he Male XKCD color argument, I am calling it orange.

Orange is an interesting colour. It is the contrast to blue so it will stand out much brighter. Anyway a couple of interesting questions:

1) What will the next big colour be in 2 or so years?
2) What if your current community colours are blue? And your rival changes to Orange? :)

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