New Year Resolutions

Time to make a checklist of items I am going to work on by Dec 31 of 2008.

  1. Update http://www.smoogespace.com. It has been a long time in getting an updated website and I haven't done much with it in 7 years. Time to change the engine to something else that I can pages too faster.
  2. Rebuild and restart http://www.jitagames.com and http://www.justintimeadventures.com. Both were meant to be RPG companies back in 2000 but never got anything done on them. Too bad for me.. time to do something or quit paying for them.
  3. Learn Python. Make sure that every exercise in O'Reilly's Python book is done, and convert most of my old sysadmin tools from bash to python.
  4. Really learn Emacs. Go through the O'Reilly books and learn enough about emacs that I can write my own extensions.
  5. Write a big Java game for the Google phone. Make it GPL.
  6. Work on getting my RHCE re-certified by end of 2008.
  7. Package up items for Fedora Astronomy and into EPEL (GNU radio, AIPS, etc).
  8. Work on the Generic Roleplaying Of Tomorrow (GROT) RPG system. Have a working SRD by August. Game rules are to be licensed under CC Attribution required and the Game Code under GPL.
  9. Resume taking CS courses this Summer from either UNM or New Mexico Tech.
  10. Bring my weight down to 190 pounds. [Hey every new years list has to have a weight goal in it.]