Happy New Year.. Happy Russian Xmas soon

Didn't post over the break... over trying to watch the kid and being pretty sick.. I just didn't have the energy to do so. However.. I am back (mostly.. my left lung has a cool gurgle to it).

Xmas was ok for the kid. He got lots of goodies from the family, and got to veg out for a while... spent the first couple of days after Xmas trying to give equal time to each gift. Not enough snow though and when there was snow.. Dad wasn't able to take him sledding so I would call it even. He has 5 more days til school so I am not sure where our sanity will be at by then.

On the CS front, I didn't do too well on my project, but it is over and now its time to focus on what I will be working on this Spring. I won't have time for classes.. so I will have to work through 'Head First Design Patterns' and then the Platypus book. Have been reading a bit of Knuth and realizing that a lot of math background in proofs will be needed.

Spent some time over break talking with friends over games. One is of the D&D 3.0 is broken camp, and so it was basically a long set of emails about that. And while D&D 3.0 does have a lot of flaws (what game doesn't).. his arguments had just enough little errors that I had to keep picking at them. In the end, I of course lost because one who argues with rocks will only wear himself down. Oh well, it did give me a bunch of ideas for a new game system... will work on in my copious spare time and will release under a CC license. More on that later.

Did not have the energy to do any Android work.. so I realized I don't have the gumption to try out for the Google prize. However, I think I will still work on a nethack for it just to learn more about programming this spring.

Anyway Happy New Year, and Happy upcoming Russian Xmas.