Attention: Removal of python36 from EPEL-7 on 2019-10-03

With the release of RHEL-7.7, many of the packages for python36 in EPEL were replicated in the release as python3-3.6 packages. The normal pattern when this is seen is to remove the packages from EPEL so that they do not cause problems. However, this did cause problems for users of CentOS-7 who did not have access to the newer packages. Two weeks ago, CentOS-7.7.1908 was released and should have flowed out to users as needed.

So it is time to remove the following src.rpm packages from EPEL:


As they are duplicated by:

We will be removing the python packages on 2019-10-03 so that they should disappear during the repository compose on 2019-10-04. EPEL is a rolling release locked against the latest state of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux repositories. If you are using an older snapshot of RHEL or CentOS, you should sync down versions of the repository and lock particular versions for your use.

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