Attention: Fedora Yahoo Email Users

Going from a blast of the past we are currently going through one of the Yahoo is not allowing many emails with either fedoraproject.org OR from our mail routers.  It would seem that the way to get yahoo to blacklist a domain is to get subscribed to mailing lists and then report the lists as SPAM. Enough accounts (or maybe if one person does it enough times).. yahoo will helpfully blacklist the domain completely. [It then is usually a multi-month process of people explaining that no Fedora is not a spam site, hasn't been taken over by a spam site, or a bunch of other things which do happen so any mail admin is going to be wary on.]

The funny thing is that their blockage doesn't work 100% so some people seem to still get emails delivered even when most of our logs show that yahoo is telling our servers various SMTP errors of GO AWAY.

At this point, if you are a packager with a yahoo.com email address, you probably have not gotten an email from any lists or possibly bugzilla for a bit. Trying to email you directly from our site to tell you this isn't going to work.. so we are going back to blogs on the hopes that someone still reads them.

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