Brussels CentOS Dojo

This Friday (2016-01-29) there will be a great CentOS dojo in Brussels Belgium. I am going mostly to help out run the cameras and announce different talks. I will also be wanting to listen to people use who use EPEL about what they use it for and what they are wanting to see in growth. This will help me prepare for the talk on Sunday at FOSDEM which I will be moderating.

If you have questions please try and find me. I will probably be the one fellow in a tie and sports coat. [And because I am from the desert.. no rain coat which sounds like a minus currently in Belgium].

This is my first time in Belgium and I will be trying to see a little of Brussels on Saturday and a bit of Ghent on Monday. If I had a day or two more I would have been going to visit Veere in the Netherlands so that I could try and see some of the places written by favorite author Hendrik Willem van Loon. I will just have to do this next time I am visiting western Europe. 

[I would like to write a bit longer, but I am stuck in the Atlanta airport blaring some inane news channel talking about the 'latest' election non-crisis. ]

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