Note to mailing list admins: Large scale auto-subscribers as revenge seems to be happening.

[In case what I am outlining is a known thing and I just found out about it.. my apologies.. I have been thankfully away from this.]

A couple of days ago, a couple of the list admins on fedora lists were noticing an uptick in subscription attempts for an address @mms.att.com which is basically an email to MMS gateway. The reason they were seeing this was because the ATT was blocking and sending back a helpful email saying "This person does not accept unsolicited text emails." Doing some investigation it turns out that this person was actually one of 20 or so people who were getting attempts to auto-subscribe them to every Fedora list. For people at gmail.com and other email addresses they used the "filtering" technique of +@gmail.com so that each subscription looked unique to the mailing list software. Thankfully none of the lists allow for auto subscriptions or some people would have received 10,000 copies of every email. Still each attempt got them sent an email saying "Hey someone tried to subscribe you to XYZ list. Please click this link to confirm." They use some sort of botnet to distribute out the subscription attempts as over 8000 ips were used in 24 hours for 160,000 attempted subscriptions.

Doing a simple google search of a couple of the emails and looking at some of the posts related to them in Facebook and Twitter, the only common thread was that they had all gotten involved in messy breakups. So my weak conjecture is that someone has created a "Revenge Spam" site where you pay them, give them an email address and they sign that email address to every mailing list etc to make their lives miserable. This type of things isn't much different from the old "sign up my ex to Columbia House Tapes/Records/CD collection" and every magazine with a free insert for N magazines before being billed. It is a pain and petty.

In any case, if you run into this and are using mailman2, you can add filtering per list using the amazing Mark Shapiro's ban module which will allow for various regexp so that when they change from to or some similar tactic these attempts are silently dropped.

[Thanks to Kevin Fenzi for finding this link http://www.mail-archive.com/mailman-users@python.org/msg67312.html as google and I were having a disagreement on what I meant by filtering and this showed up on page 4 of my google search and page 1 of his.]

In any case, you should check the /var/log/mailman/subscribe for a large growth in subscription attempts of the same email address from multiple ips. I am going to see what we need to do to block this on the mailman3 side of things and will hopefully post a followup with that info.

[To the people who got a ton of email requests to subscribe to N mailing lists.. I apologize for not catching this earlier.]

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