Fedora Advisory Board Nominations soon

With Fedora 15 coming out soon, new Fedora Advisory Board elections are to be held soon. There will also be 2 appointed advisory seats coming up, one of them being mine.

I will say that working on the board has been different and has helped stretch and grow my people skills somewhat. I have tried my best to listen to the various Fedora groups and bring up their points of view at meetings. I know I have not always done so and hope that the next appointed person will be able to do a better job.

Being on the board is not about changing fedora. People running for election in order to change "How Fedora is done" are often up for disappointment. For the most part the Board's job is to listen when people disagree and see if we can get people to start listening and not shout past each other. It doesn't always work but that is how things go.

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