Dungeons and Dragons needs to reset their currencies :)

So in Dungeons and Dragons there is a standard set of prices for various metal coins (copper, silver, gold, platinum in the latest, electrum was in various prior editions). Also depending on the edition the rate of 1 troy oz coins (a troy ounce being different from an English ounce by being 1.333333333x heavier, or for those of us who like the metric system, 1 english ounce equals 28.3503 grams and 1 troy ounce seems to equal 28.8004 grams.) In the 3rd edition of Dungeons and Dragons, the ratio of coins is 1 platinum coin = 10 gold coin = 100 silver coins = 1000 copper coins with all the coins being the same weight (to help figure out other things).

Anyway, in looking at doing a math game I wanted to check up what prices would be these days and what the ratios would be.

Metal Price/troy oz (2011-05-02)
Platinum 1875.70
Gold 1557.10
Silver 44.01
Copper 0.12
Tin 1.21
Nickel 1.01

This leads to more made up ratios of "1 platinum = 1.2 gold = 42.6 silver = 15,630 copper pieces (and about 1500 tin pieces and 1875 nickel pieces)." Now somewhere in here I have somehow lost what I was originally working on which was a math game of dealing with different commodity prices at different places being paid in different coins... now hopefully I will be able to get that dealt with soon.

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