Running for Fedora Board (Spring 2010)

While nominations are not open yet, I was reading poelcat's blog on his term in office and realized I needed to 'formalize' before I talked myself out of running. My goals are pretty simple:

  • To listen. Listening is a hard thing to do.. I find that I have to work a lot on it because what I assume I heard isn't always what anyone said. Thinking and asking for clarification helps a lot on clearing up problems for me.
  • To be responsible. If I bat over 0.250 in making good decisions I am doing better than most people. For that 0.750+ I will acknowledge and try to fix any problems from when I was wrong.
  • To make sure that board meetings are as open as possible, with an explanation of when they are not.
  • To make sure that we understand that for every Freedom that Fedora gives its members, that there are Responsibilities or things end up like a 'tragedy of the commons.'

Anyway, that is all I wanted to say for now.

[Edited to add: It turns out that the general term of the tragedy of the commons should lead one to read:




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