Are you having problems with EC2 and EPEL?

So I got asked about some problems with Fedora maps starting late last week. Well since I had played with some code last week, I figured it was probably something I had done.. the basic rule is that for every line you edit, you have probably introduced 2 bugs... and I had played with about 40 lines.

However it turns out it might be a change at someone else site.. the error.txt file was filled with lines like:

WTF: epel-5 epel-5 $basea$ /mirrorlist?repo=epel-5&arch=$basea$

So I went to look at where/what this was coming from. Pretty much all the IPs associated with these lines are from hostnames like ec2-XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX-compute-X.amazonaws.com. My guess is that some configuration change was pushed out over the last couple of days and has affected a lot of Amazon EC2 hosts.

Anyone know exactly what is up?

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