Recovering from surgery

Had surgery on Friday and been 'recovering' since then. My mouth bloated up larger than Marlon Brandos' in the Godfather, and is now turning the color of a boxer who learned to lead with his face too much. Today I spent my workday catching up with email and learning that most C2 pain medicines build up in my blood system. The wife says I sat staring at my keyboard for 15 minutes this morning... I thought it was like 10-15 seconds. Thankfully I learned long ago the prime rule of systems administration and drugs: Do not combine.

Friends don't let friends use root while drugged.

So what have I done this weekend in not touching 'su':

1) Worked on packaging up some fonts for my first package inclusion. I like fonts.. even if I never use them.. so I am going to package up the ones Mairin has been presenting but no one has got yet.
2) Catching up with my email... you know all those emails that you put in the bit bucket to read later.. well today was the day. I think I overflowed the bit-bucket.
3) Thinking deep thoughts... like we could balance the budget if we canceled most of Social Security (600 billion), Medicare (500 billion), and Health(350 billion) , and halved the amount we paid on National Defense (350 billion). It would take 26 years to pay off the national debt with the money save (I estimate it would be about 500 billion dollars). Add in Unemployment Stuff, Education and Veteran Benefits we could cut it down to 10 years. If we say National Defense and Veteran Benefits and Commerce/Transportation was verbotten.. we could remove everything else and pay off the debt in 9 years.. [though I doubt people would want to pay such high taxes for 9 years to get nothing.] In any case, the only way I can see a balanced budget without raising taxes is to not only get the government's hands off of Medicare but to get rid of it completely.
4) Tried to fly a virtual plane in Wii resort. I don't think the island will let me fly anymore.
5) Slept a lot


Anonymous said...

YAY! Font packaging!!!!!!! :) :) Thank you so much!!!!

Anonymous said...

> we could balance the budget if we canceled [almost everything]

.. yeah, because living in a developed country was over-rated anyway. :-)