From a note 5 years ago

I am sadly not the most organized person. My wife's desk and part of the office is clean, swept with every book she needs in easy reach. Things on my side make Oscar Madison's room neat. Today I was reminded of this, when I found that my tea cozy was an index card I had been using 5 years ago for notes on an article for the history of Red Hat. I had been researching when various personalities had joined Marc Ewing's ragtag band of misfits and what they had accomplished... here for the moment is the list of names that I got from old Usenet postings and such:

  • Eric Troan (oot or ewt). Started posting July 1995. Major work was on rpm, installation code and general whipping boss over the years til 2001 or so.
  • Donnie Barnes (djb). Started posting November 1995. Started off as technical support. His office was technically under the desk as it was the only place private enough in the apartment for phone calls to customers. [Well there was the bathroom but supposedly they had to replace all the porcelein after the company was evicted.]
  • Michael Johnson. Started posting May 1996. Michael worked on many things over the years.. my first dealing with him was with ps tools and top.
  • A couple of other names that are now blurred from spreading coffee and tea stains: David Fiand, Jason Gills, ACC: Home of the PC Sulli.
Going through Google's archives didn't help much with the blur'd names.. it is funny how 'easy' it was to find this say 5 years ago but now is covered up with tons of searches. Oh well.

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