Ketchup: The last week or so

After FUDcon, I spent a week in Phoenix Arizona where I got to help move Fedora's main infrastructure from Mesa Arizona to its new location in Chandler. And then a couple of days learning to hate, Hate, HATE APC power strips as they seem to be made of FAIL. (Oh the computer looks plugged in, but its wiggled itself out and all you can hear is a faint crackling sound of it sort of connecting and oh get a new power supply while you are at it.)

Beyond that things look pretty well. Going to finish up cleaning up some DNS and SSH issues and then start the new year on Inventory Management and ITIL processes... whee! [Red Hat United States takes the last week of December as Paid Time Off where I am going to spend it with the kid working on OLPC things, and try to reset my website from Web-0.9 to Web-3 or not... we will see.]

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