How to know you are being profiled :)

In coming back to Red Hat, I got a new account of ssmoogen and an email alias of my old one smooge. And I immediately got SPAM email to the old smooge account. Probably due to all the postings to Usenet and mailing lists from old. The interesting thing was that the content of the emails covered the following:

  1. Sleep aids

  2. Stay awake aids

  3. Pain killers

None of the other regular spams (dates with russian women, growth hormones/devices, etc). No it would seem that the SPAM engines have a good idea what the life of tech support person is... pain, sleep, pain, no-sleep, pain.. It was interesting that I haven't gotten any SPAM for crowbars, baseball bats, and rolls of carpet (cheap). I guess thats something to look forward to.

[PS I have never taken nor advocate taking any of the items listed above without a prescription/overview from a competent doctor.]

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Ribhi Kamal said...

LOL... why look in the spam folder in the first place??