Back at Red Hat Again

So after many years, I have come full circle and returned to working at Red Hat. I will be working in the Fedora Infrastructure team helping Mike McGrath. [My view is that I will be the Pimply Faced Old-Guy next to his Young BOFH.]

Red Hat flew me out to North Carolina on Sunday to attend a two day boot-camp. Got into North Carolina in at 1am and remembered that one needs gills. Made it to Red Hat nearly on time Monday, and had a great time learning how Red Hat has grown and changed since 2001. It was a great experience but I was worried I gave Greg Dekoenigsberg a heart attack when he saw me in the audience.

Like most boot camps it was a fire hose of data and information with lots of framing what the Red Hat vision and missions were. North Carolina reminded me of what the SouthEast can be like... two days of warm rainy days. However, the Chicken Biscuits made up for it 100% :).

I then flew to New Hampshire and drove from Manchester to Westford Mass at 1am. It was a quiet drive with the most beautiful orange-red crescent moon coming up over the horizon. I got in at the hotel and spent Wednesday meeting with some Fedora and RHEL people. Drove back to Manchester and took a 1730 flight back to NM via Minnesota. Got into Albuquerque again at 1am.

I spent most of Thursday in a fog of unpacking and trying to find my receipts. Friday was setting up the home office so that Monday I could begin working on projects. Worked on some more paperwork and caught up with email lists.

Its great to be back :).


Anonymous said...

Not that I have the old-school cred to say it, but, welcome back dude.

Unknown said...

Congrats! I for one welcome our new Infrastructurators.