Ketchup: Aleph -Aleph-Null

Well I have fallen behind in doing my EPEL chores and about everything... so am spending today recovering from stomach bug to try and ketchup again.

1. Went to see Speed Racer Was better than I was expecting... it was not camp and did keep to the silliness of the original series without going overboard (well ok my wife didn't think so.. but this is definately a boys movie.) Of course coming out of the movie I felt like everything was going toooooo slow. I am not sure if that helped the stomach bug to come on or it was coincidental.. but boy did I feel a wreck on Sunday. [I have come to hate camp... it was ok for the Brady Bunch movies... but when every 1960's/70's remake is a camp extravaganza it gets old.. I am really upset in seeing that Land of the Lost is going to end up as a Will Ferrel beast.]

2. Allergies have been pretty bad this year. I wasn't allergic to much until I moved to Illinois in 1995.. and since then its been a slide downhill. [Of course I am getting old...] So its a constant haze of benedryl and itchy noses.

3. EPEL is moving along in spite of me... I will have the reports up soon.