I can only boggle also

A couple of days ago, Walter Bender announced that he was leaving the OLPC project to do some other things... and this brought about a lot of "OLPC is whithering/dead" talk. Having heard this kind of talk about a lot of projects in the past (FSF, Red Hat, Debian, SuSE, etc etc), I figured I should be the wise old man and post how this is not always the case because organizations change, people leave as things change..

And like most "wise old man", I was an ass. After reading some articles about possible changes at OLPC.. I will go eat my crow. So instead of saying anything beyond.. sorry for being an ass, I figured I would link to someone who is more articulate. Michael Tiemann wrote exactly how I am feeling about OLPC this morning..

I think the part that rankles me is that I don't consider myself a zealot about Open Source, but consider it a useful business decision to make about hardware+software in the developing world.