NOTICE: EPEL/Fedora updates to nagios/nagios-plugins/nrpe

I have pushed out multiple updates to various nagios packages. They will be arriving in the various repository (f28, epel-7, epel-6) updates and in rawhide in the next 24 hours or so.

  1. nagios I tried making an updated package to 4.4.1 but our current spec file and patches need a lot more work than I currently have time for. I instead made minor changes to the 4.3.4 to deal with some permission errors and such.
  2. nrpe is mainly small fixes also but closes out some persistent bugzillas. 
  3. nagios-plugins is a fairly major update even though the version number has not changed. Many little fixes have been done in the upstream git tree's maint that needed to be groomed together so I have updated to that and marked the version so you can see which git commit it is. I have also fixed a FTBFS in rawhide and made openssl more granular so it is not getting added to every plugin.

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