Presents for System Administrators: Updated nagios/nagios-plugins/nrpe

It is the traditional US Thanksgiving time period, and I am thankful for the patience many sysadmins have had with me. After some delays updated packages for nagios, nagios-plugins, and nrpe have been made for the EPEL-6, EPEL-7, F25, F26, F27 and rawhide.

  1. nagios is updated to 4.3.4 in all channels. I have also fixed some issues in EL-6.
  2. nagios-plugins is built out of git with what I thought was going to be 2.2.2 this summer. I have cleaned out some old patches and added updates for it to work with compiles on rawhide. [I will have to update rawhide in December when I figure out the right maria-connector-c fix.]
  3. nrpe has been updated to 3.2.1 which was released in September. 
Currently one problem I have to deal with is that moved an entry for the nagios status file at some point in the past. It was in /var/spool/nagios/ and looks to be in /var/log/nagios now which various configs might not have changed to.

Otherwise please look for the updates in the various updates channels and give feedback on what you find right or wrong.

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