Major update to Fedora/EPEL moving to nrpe-3.0.1

The version of nrpe in Fedora has been 2.15 for a very long time while the upstream Nagios group moved to a 3.0 series. With some work and a lot of help from my friends, I have put an updated nrpe into EPEL-testing for EPEL-6 and EPEL-7 and in Fedora Rawhide.


I have put the EPEL update karma for this to be 4 versus 3 as I would like some more testing done by people before it gets working. If it gets a lot of negative karma I will pull it and work with upstream to get a working version into EPEL.


This version of nrpe was the 'fun' one. This is due to the fact that the newer OpenSSL does not allow for introspection of various structures which it used to. Working with Tomas Mraz and Patrick Uiterwijk, I believe I have a semi-working version. [A secondary problem was that I had to pull some sslv2 code out because we do not ship with those libraries anymore. I am hoping upstream will come up with a better fix than my hacksaw method.]

Fedora 25

I have not put in an update to Fedora 25 because it is a major update and was not listed as a change request. I am looking through what needs to be done for this, and when I have gotten any approvals needed will publish it to Fedora 25 testing.

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