Why are EPEL python packages getting renamed?

Someone joined the irc.freenode.net #epel channel on early Saturday (2016-12-10) and asked:

[2016-12-10-07:33 UTC]  hi, it seems that python-pip was renamed to python2-pip, is there any documentation available why that choice was made?

By the time I got to IRC (12 hours later), they had left so I am going to try and answer them here. . Python packages in EPEL are made like every other package from Fedora. Currently Fedora is working on finishing making Python3 their default python and moving the older python to python2 naming. In doing so python packages are either being named python2 or python3 depending on which chain they are built against. This is going to have an effect on the names of Python packages in EPEL for EL6 and EL7 as the changes occur. For more information on Fedora Python packaging guidelines please see the following link.

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