Another tale, apropos nothing again

When Nema got back to her village she found that her house had nothing in it for planting the next year. Her parents were dead, and her younger brothers were used to drinking and gambling at the tavern house with what was left of the inheritance.

Now the Duke's fields had been cleared recently, and it was the law that peasants could gather any seed left over from the harvest. Nema asked her brothers if they would come help her do so. 

"Not I" they said, for they had games they wanted to play.

So Nema went through the fields and gathered as much seed as she could get. 

When the spring came, she needed to plant the seeds. She asked her brothers if they would help.

"Not I" they said, for they had ale they wanted to drink.

The grain grew and it needed to be harvested. Nema asked her brothers again if they would help.

"Not I" they said for their was both ale and games to think about.

The grain was harvested and milled at the miller. It was time to bake the bread, but none of the brothers were around to help out. Yet when the bread was just out of the oven.. who were to show up? All the brothers asking for bread.

Now Nema could have said something like "Thems that works gets to eat." but she was kind hearted and liked to share. So she gave them loaves from the oven and what did they cry out? "We wanted pumpernickel and this is just plain rye". 

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