FLOCK 2015 is in Rochester NY

This is a short blog post to get over my writer's block. For the last 2 years, Fedora has had a computer festival called FLOCK in either Europe or North America. The first FLOCK happened in beautiful Charleston SC in 2013. The second FLOCK was in the wonderful capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. This years FLOCK is to be held from August 12-15 in Rochester New York. The main website is having some issues (various links aren't pointing to the correct places because Wordpress is being obstinate) but these are being worked on as I write and hopefully will be fixed soon.

To register for the Rochester FLOCK, please go to https://register.flocktofedora.org/ and add your name and data to the list.

[Edited to fix a STUPID mistake on my part of somehow confusing Prague with Austria. Once again, mea culpa. I know better.. and I should have edited before I hit send. I was reading a history of Prague and there was a section on when it has been used in the past to stand in for ancient Vienna or other cities. PIBKAC error.]

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