Why I am not worried about the lack of a default firewall in F21 Workstation

So one of the proposals for Fedora 21 is that the Workstation Product will not ship with a firewall. Normally I would be up in arms about something like this (I expect someone can find my emails in the past) but not this time. It might be the mai-tais and my vacation talking, but I look at many of these changes to the Workstation as product differentiation points. If Fedora Workstation does X, Y, and Z then the Xedora product can aim at not doing those.

Maybe Xedora is an OS for people who are tired old grumpy system administrators who the world has passed by. Maybe it will come with E19 and FVWM2 desktops with a firewall and a E-toolkit configurator for firewalld, maybe it will be KDE and QT configuration tools for items that the Workstation isn't aiming at. Then both groups can get what they want without a lot of squabbling and wasted Email trying to convince each other items that the other side feels are strawmen arguments.

Anyway, my mai-tai has arrived. Have fun.

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