Fell off the Internet.

Well that was fun and exciting.. I fell off the Internet for 8 months. Nothing broken, just a bunch of little things which took up my time.

  1. CentOS and Red Hat are now co-habitating. This was a project that came out of the blue early last summer and I was told to treat with utmost secrecy. So that cut down what I could say about anything. 
  2. Dog attacks aren't fun. I had an unfortunate case where my dog and another dog got into a fight and I tried to break it up. Scariest 10 minutes of my life. I am glad I only got out of it with a couple of bites and no one else was hurt. That took much of November out of my life.
  3. If you are over 35 years old, get your flu shot. There are multiple versions of the flu which affect people over 35 much worse than people under that age. Also anti-viral drugs work better than I thought and I didn't come down with pneumonia versus the other people I knew who came down with this version.
  4. Losing a best friend takes a lot out of you. You are missed Seth.

Anyway, I am back and should have a couple of posts in me before I fall off the internet again.

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