Fedora 19 has been released

So Fedora 19 RC3 was made the official Fedora 19 release last week. I know I was going to post more about installs and such, but I really didn't find an install issue that was blog-worthy after the Beta. Not that they didn't exist (for the 2000 people about to reply "You missed Bugzilla #xxxx") they just didn't affect the 2->3 systems I have been reinstalling every week.

I had been wanting to do a set of blog posts on using GNOME Classic, but Stephen Gallagher covered that with a better series than what I had put into the "to be published when finished" sections.

I started to use KDE instead of GNOME Classic in order to get an idea of what other desktops are like. So far it has been a LOT easier to use than I expected and the people on Freenode's #fedora-kde  have been very helpful in getting me around various stumbling blocks. I don't know if it will be my permanent desktop... I am really not a big fan of 3 D effects and such and prefer just simple XFCE/FVWM2 window management.

Anyway please try Fedora 19. It is a very nice and polished release.

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