Deleting your LinkedIn Account

So I decided it was better to just deleted the account. With no idea if the hackers are still there, and what little benefit I personally get from it.. it is not worth keeping it open. If you are paying for a professional account etc it is a different matter, but for me I just can not trust a company that stores passwords in unsalted format. [Hopefully all the other sites, I trust but can't look at their source code don't.. *snort*.]

Anyway to delete your LinkedIn account. I pretty much followed the settings that LinkedIn's help page gave. Login, go to settings, go to account settings, and click close account. Tada, closed account... supposedly.  The reason I say this is that I didn't receive any email telling me that the account has been closed. And there is no proof that someone who has my password can not just open it up again. Oh well. One step at a time.

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Anonymous said...

When I closed my LinkedIn account about 1.5 years ago they still kept sending me emails for groups I used to be in and whatnot.

I found it more annoying than anything, so I emailed customer service with a list of email addresses to never contact again. They didn't send a response, but I haven't gotten anything from them since then either.