Long time no blog

Well it has been over a month from my last blog which in internet years usually means I have died and will never blog again. Thankfully I have just been off dealing with lots of little Real Life(TM) issues and just not wanting to blog because I am just really disappointed in Fedora people lately.

[Large section deleted of whinging about Fedora email threads which are the bane of my existence. Why because it wasn't doing anything but being more poorly written soap opera drama. ]

The one lesson I have had to teach myself over and over again is that spending all my time being unhappy about what other people are doing and saying does not make one thing better. Only by DOING does anything change (and to be blunt, emails are not doing anything. Heck even this blog post is not doing anything beyond laying out why I am spending the next year working on things I want to work on versus getting caught up in empty email threads.)

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