Dear American Airlines

If you are going to treat me and my fellow passengers as cattle, please learn to do it from the best: South West. The lines move faster, the seats were more comfortable, and the flight while only having coffee and peanuts was nicer.

  1. Please don't charge for luggage because it takes more time to load because everyone then tries to bring it on. And it takes longer to get out because people can't get their overstuffed luggage from the overhead compartments.
  2. If you are going to charge for renting a pillow and blanket please have them aboard.
  3. Please don't have your attendants shilling deals while we are trying to get into our uncomforable seats. The attendants don't like it when they are told what passengers think about it. (This was not me but I could hear it multiple times ahead of me.)
  4. Please make sure the seats are working. Having my seat fall out when I was getting up did not help our confidence.
  5. When designing your cattle drives, please use a humane design from Temple Grandin or such.

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L said...

Did you see the new seats at the airlines trade show? They're like the saddle-seats you sit on on some roller coasters. At my size, I'm not even sure I could fit into those.