Ubuntu Bashing: Please Stop

Recently someone posted a set of pictures of burning an Ubuntu cd case and breaking up a dvd or cdrom. Hurray a great victory for the rights of Freedom everywhere, correct? No. It is just a ritualistic act to try and rally one group of apes who think they are about to be wiped out by some other clan of apes. It reeks of fear, hatred, and intolerance and I want the Fedora community to be above that.

Having had to deal with Red Hat Linux boxed sets returned to us stuffed with dog faeces, or ashes of disks.. I don't like seeing other people's work crapped on. Having grown up in area where book burnings still happened because of some group thinking it would save their children from the sinful world.. I will not stand quiet on this.

You want to promote freedom, make Fedora or the world a better place. Burning disks and posting hatred will not do that.

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Unknown said...

Agreed. As we see more articles about churches here in America burning books, music CD's and such...while their followers cheer, you have to wonder what ever happened to rational thinking. "If we don't understand it, or disagree with it, we burn it," is a pretty stupid solution.