Google keeps track of cannibals

I was reading through a Google blog post about the release of their RLZ code.

Google Picture from Blog

What truly scares me was that each line lets you know if someone is a cannibal or not. They say its because:

cannibal tells if the library has evidence that the user was a user prior to installing the software. It's from the term "cannibalization" which refers to the fact that users who get client products through distribution were already loyal customers, thus impacting the actual incremental value of the channel.

But I wonder... is it more likely a setting to let you know what kind of customer you really have?
  • c for cannibal. (possible competition.. use caution and extra tenderizer.)
  • z for zombie. (definite competition and are undead so no eating value.)
  • v for vegetarian (possibly a bit stringy, but probably better to eat.)
  • b for bacon (known to be good to eat.)
  • r for runner (possibly stringy and good for long distances.. stick with b)
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