Oh NOES. CentOS and people drama.

So there have been some issues with the CentOS team members needing to get in touch and accounting with another team. This post is not about that.

Instead its about the long threads of "THE CENTOS PROJECT IS DEAD", "We should build a new OS", etc. The amount of speculation of what has happened, what is happening, what should happen is quite bizarre based on the amount of information given. At this point, I am surprised that no one has gone with "CentOS moving to OpenSUSE" (though I did hear a "This is all Red Hat's lawyers fault.")

Anyway, people STOP LOOKING FOR DRAMA. This is not an episode of EastEnders. The pub isn't going to be sold to unscrupulous land developers or whatever. The CentOS team is doing what they think must be done to deal with a problem. CentOS will not be going away and worrying about it wouldn't help if it were.

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Darren VanBuren said...

On the CentOS site, they're saying this has been all happily worked out. I agree that it seems to be simply a misunderstanding within the team, and nothing to get all worked up about.