If I made it to the Netherlands..

I would probably go to see the town of Veere. When I was a kinder, my grandfather Pike had me read several of the books of Hendrik W van Loon. Before I was 12, I had read "The Liberation of Mankind", "The Story of Mankind", "The Home of Mankind" and my favorite "Van Loon's Lives". I am currently making my way through this book once more, and while its many characters are spirits of former times coming to spend dinner with van Loon and friends.. the town of Veere is also a character. So if I were to go to the Netherlands, I would love to walk through Veere, the town he wrote in "Van Loon's Lives" so that I could see where he had the spirit of Erasmus live in the town tower, and Tsar Peter sword fight with Swedens Charles, and Napoleon make one last march.

However, the main thing I got from these books was that to be truly a 'Free' person was that I must always question myself and my views. And in questioning those views, I must realize that some (*cough* many *cough*) times I have been wrong and should make amends. Anyway, all this talk of Amsterdam, Europe, and things made me realize that someday if I am ever permitted.. that I would love to spend a day walking that town. Though I doubt I will have food as nice as the good 'Jo' made in that book.

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