Bikeshedding or Ur Doing it Wrong

Currently there is a long thread of Fedora Devel list about what names should be used to describe different levels of packager. Like all bike-shedding experiments it goes terribly wrong because words are all overloaded.

I can understand where people are coming from. I think that if some 'quaint' southern phrases for engineers had been used instead of 'Uber-packager' we would have gotten some equivalent feedback on the western side of the Atlantic.

On the other hand, English can be summarized as "We are in ur language, stealing ur words."

I think its the reason some linguists hate English so much.. you can't pin it down and say this is proper English or not.. if you are in York what you say is different from Liverpool.. and don't even go into the differences between Manhatten English and Bronx English. You might be able to define the "Queen's English" but very few speak it as such.

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