Almost End of August (finally)

This has been a pretty crummy month.. the dog is getting better (we think), and I have gotten out of hernia surgery and will be recovering for the next 6 weeks ... no lifting anything over 15 pounds (6.8 kg) so its a good thing we have stopped using Sendmail as the Bat book is close to that I think.

On some pain-killers at the moment so sleepy and then 'really-really' lucid (right). Anyway I am celebrating my 20th year of working on Unix's (if for nothing more than learning to compile so I could play my version of nethack that I could win).

Going to spend this next week at home working on some Wiki stuff for EPEL and other websites that have been 'waiting' for a break.. hopefully what is written makes sense :).

Hope everyone has a good September too.

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