So its been a month.. what have I been doing? Not blogging is one thing.

  1. I have been reading the latest Wild Cards book: Inside Straight. I have also been going over what it would take to run an RPG campaign of the game. I have been enjoying the book pretty much... the Wild Cards series was very gritty and realistic about what people with super powers would be like.. and one thing is that a good many were not very likable. This one twists it in a new way, what if people really wanted to be heros beyond just some reality TV. I found that moving and I look forward to the next books. I like being inspired again by 'superheroes'.. especially when I find most modern comics to be stuck in the heroes arent inspiring mode.
  2. I got my book signed by the authors... that was really cool.
  3. I have not been playing Kingdom Hearts with my kid. We are currently taking a break while he reads me a lot of books. Its great to see him grow and finding new worlds for himself to explore.
  4. I got a position on the EPEL steering committee, and started trying to help out on packages. I am looking to 'shepard' about 8 or so packages so that rt3 can be produced. I have a wishlist of getting the normal network security apps over also.
  5. I got a promotion to being EPEL steering committee chairman. I am working on getting my life in order for that (being on time, etc).
  6. Since my life has not been in order, I am no longer the QA Lead for CentOS. Tim Verhoeven has been doing an excellent job of this.. so I am quite happy.
  7. I am dealing with my Passive Aggressive problems. I realize I have them, and I have inflected them on a lot of people. Please call me on this if I inflect them on you.