Ketchup #4: Whee...

So what I have been working on the last 9 days has been pretty much the same-old,same-old.. but not realizing 9 days had gone by :).

  1. Installing and working with cobbler so that we can have a unified build system at work.
  2. Installing and working with venerable cfengine for our change mangement system at work. I had looked at puppet, func and some others.. but the need to be old-fashioned, boring, and stable won out when looking at what each one had and what systems we needed to support (Majority of RHEL-3 and earlier systems with few updates due to legacy software).
  3. Working on CS homework. The latest problem was a variant on the old write a reverse polish calculator problem. We were given a minimal language and needed to write a tree and parser for it. The work on this is ongoing as I need to get the evaluator done by Friday.
  4. Helping the kid play Kingdom Hearts. Yes its old.. but it is an excellent story and RPG that has gotten Paul completely emmersed.
  5. Try to help the wife with a house blessing. We have had lots of problems with the current house, and felt we needed to come to peace with it. It was a beautiful ceremony and it seemed to go well except for the cat who is probably going on Cat Prozac as the number of people in the house freaked her out.
  6. Trying to work on a couple of projects for EPEL.
  7. MOST important for some people.. trying to find time to QA CentOS-5.1
Thats about it... my brain has exploded so I am cleaning up.