Wednesday 2011-10-05

Today was spent tracking down why XFCE and Fedora beta 16 didn't work too well. In the end it turned out that Adam Williamson found the solution in 10 minutes after I found a log file which said why my systems would never log in. The solution was due to a gdm-sessions file checking for 3d effects and then trying to launch mutter whether or not it was installed. Ray Strode had fixed the issue upstream already and soon it will filter downstream.

Beyond that I now have 2 test systems installed and running. One is an "old" eMachines with a 3 GHZ Pentium 4 processor and 1 GB of ram. The other is the loaner laptop, Lenovo T61. I have a 3rd box which I know won't run anything past RHEL-2.1 so I don't put it in the pool. Test box 1 is slowly working out pi to its last digit, and the laptop is doing the same for e. [No not really.. gdm shuts down the boxes after 20 minutes whether I am remotely logged in or not :)]

On Fedora IT front, I mainly read email and stayed out of Seth's way as he updated systems. Tomorrow I will be working on Drupal7 items to learn how that will work with insight, and Friday I will be taking off for another 3 day weekend.

Remember to vote in the F17 naming. Never looks like a great name for 17... though I do have a soft-spot for Gernsback.

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