Thursday 2011-10-06

Today was split up into 3 parts:

  1. Standard thursday items: emails, reading weekly lwn.net news, and Infrastructure meeting.
  2. Moving proxy08 to proxy01 so that we could have RHEL-6 on our main proxy. Most of the hard stuff had been done before with the testing and setting up of proxy8. Most of my tasks were just making it think it was proxy01 and rebooting.
  3. Moving app03 from xen04 to virthost08. In my first attempt at doing this I learned the hard hard lessson that Unix does not ask you "Do you really want to do that." If you mistype the partition you want to dd over.. you will wipe out your physical system pretty quickly.

Well with virthost08 dead, (although enough existed for dracut's rdshell to work on bootup.) I needed to rebuild it. That was just a series of setting up a proxy to the IBM's IMM card and then using the remote console to run anaconda to repartition the disks and set stuff up. All in all about an 2 hours later.. we are back in business for copying 32 GB of data across a LAN... this time making sure that the dd target is correct. Then there is a lot of fiddling of removing xen bits and making kvm ones work. In the end, I got it working at the end.

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