Thursday 2011-10-13/Friday 2011-10-14

Thursday was a bunch more of not responding to emails about password changes and such. In the end. my Grandfather's words of wisdom came to me: If you haven't got anything nice to say, keep your frelling mouth shut.

Got plans in place for Januaries FudCon. I think I will fly in and drive up with my Dad. He had a lot of fun at SELF and all the ex-Navy people who were there. I think some of them will be at FUDcon also.

Saw that there was an announcement for 10,000 paid for round trip tickets to Japan. Sadly it is just an idea, and people need to be serious bloggers to get them if they do come out. I don't think that my love for Sergeant Frog and Totoro will put me in any spot of placement there.

Well hope everyone has a good weekend. I am going to spend it reading about Isometric games and CSS

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