Too much Top Gear

Well I think watching 3 seasons of Top Gear on the telly in the last couple of weeks has reached its end. [Well especially since Netflix doesn't have any of the older series yet on instant view.] The last couple of nights I have had dreams of Thomas the Tank Engine narrated by Jeremy Clarkson. And yes the race between Bertie and Thomas ended in "and across the line."

Now to see if I can get a Region 1 DVD player so I can watch James May's latest series: Toy Stories. I really want to see Big Ideas too, but that does not look available. I will just have to order the books. Of the three and a half (the Stig) presenters, I have found I like James the best... as sadly I have his sense of direction and love of little details.

[Oh and I had such a great challenge idea after watching the Gumpert race.. build a car that can drive upside down. I figure a large wind tunnel could simulate the velocity to push a vehicle 'down' (or in this case up)... and you could crash several of them to see if any of the ideas work.]

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