My vision of Fedora 20

I would like that Fedora 20 is the RPM based start-up friendly Debian.

I am going with "RPM based" because that is what we package with.. and have for a long time. I don't see that changing by Fedora 20.. well unless dpkg2 is even cooler than it sounds. [I had dreams of Fedora 10 using conary but those have faded so I am picking my battles a bit better this time :).]

By Debian, I am looking at its large number of packages, its open-books policies and 'organization', and its developer centred culture. I think Fedora has many of these and they are so primary in their being that trying to change them would be more futile than Sisyphus's task. However I believe we can improve on opening the books and having a charter that people understand and know.

Finally the hardest, "start-up friendly". By this I mean in the way that Adam Miller blogged about, the ability for a team of people to focus on developing the parts they really want to in a way that can be separate but also able to feed back those changes to 'upstream'. Thus if a team of people want to create, brand, enhance, (possibly) sell, support Kepi Linux they can. And if another group wants to focus on Nephelae Linux they can... and the Fedora Project is built around helping them start-up, improve, and feedback to Fedora. I guess what I want Fedora to be is an Incubator (as they called them in the 1990's.. they probably have some cloud name these days).

If we can do this I would love to focus on Nephelae. It would focus on web development and web developers. Its desktop would be lightweight and clean with contemporary artwork and fonts. Its work mode would be streamlined for spinning up test servers with the frameworks web developers care about and need. And it would make sure they were easily manageable from the web developers desktop whether local or a 1000 miles away in a co-location. [Thanks to the person who started this idea for me.]

So Fedora would continue to grow and probably stay as "chaotic" as it has been, but it would also allow for people to build a focused product that meets their needs.
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