Hello Car Max (Customer Service done right)

So here is a good experience (again your mileage may vary, etc etc).

Yesterday we went to sell our 2000 Saturn SW1. It had been with us ever since the Red Hat IPO where I had used my stock to buy a nice practical car. It drove across country with me in 2002 so I could work in New Mexico, and it has carried the family around the state... however well it is a Saturn, and Saturn is no more. We have been cutting back expenses and such and we had decided something had to go. [The 1994 Saturn we are keeping.. its really too old to sell and well it got me to Red Hat back in 1997 :)]

After some research, we went to Car Max and had the most pleasant car buying experience since I bought my Saturn's last century :). We walked in and were greeted by a sales person. She asked us what we wanted and got us into a booth and the car to be inspected within 2 minutes. She got us coffee and asked some general questions but that was it. There was no pressure to walk the lot while we waited, there was no questions about cars we would like to replace the Saturn with, and there was no pushing. The car came back with a quote, and we sold the car. Smooth as silk.. we had spent more time getting the car cleaned that morning than we did at Car Max in Albuquerque NM. I can understand why my friends have been so happy with the place. When we go to replace the 1994 in the future, we will definately be using them.

Summary: Be friendly, be quick, state openly where I stand and what I can expect. Don't haggle with me. I hate it.

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