The 80's remembered through your kids

This blog about serious Fedora things (*cough*), and will go into the fact that I currently have the MacGyver and A-Team songs stuck in my head. We got parts of Season 1 of each to watch this week.. and the kid has been sucking through them like pixie sticks.

But other than the bad synthesizer music, and painful first season plots that every show goes through... the shows weren't too bad.. ok I lie, they were painful at first until I started watching it through my kids eyes. Over the top explosions were his first attraction, but then I noticed what he really thought cool was all the things the A-Team and MacGyver did with common things. And how often things broke down or plans blew up in their faces. It was like this sudden realization in both our perfectionist minds that its ok to fail. You learn from the failure, and you keep going.

Wait, I guess I did end up talking about Fedora after all :)
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