Wednesday/Thursday 2011-12-07-> 2011-12-08

Spent most of Wednesday tracking down issues with ipv6 and Linux network bridges. Somehow, somewhere we finally stomped it out... but I will admit that by the end of it I was tired and using a hammer to put in screws... One of the following fixed it:

  1. Different kernel
  2. Removing an ipv6 address from the bridge or its parent ethernet port.
  3. Some changes in guest network drivers
  4. 2 pints of Marble Red Imperial Ale. [Ok I don't drink, but I really really wanted to after the mysterious "it works, but no new ips are allowed.. now it doesn't work.. now it does." ]
  5. Magic pixie dust (it takes 8 pixies to make an ounce of dust.. and man are those things hard to catch.)
A lot of email was dealt with during the day. And then I made the fatal mistake at 10pm of putting stuff in the bin without thinking about what i had selected.

Thursday morning and afternoon was dealing with the fact that 2 weeks of email had been deleted and I needed to figure out which ones I really cared about. Wheee. Thankfully I hadn't emptied the bin but there was still a lot of emails that needed to be sorted out from all the stuff I had deleted earlier. 

And then I got a ring of the doorbell. And there was a box on the doorstep. And the box had another box in it, and that box had this

and all my cares went away. Now to see how much it would cost for us to make say 20 of these for Fedora for next release.

Worked to move a DNS server from one colocation to another. Found out that the IPs couldn't be routed as easily as first claimed. Moving to plan A. (Plan B was doing this after we were told they could reroute at the border.) Then spent the day looking at what would be needed for updating our server at internetx01 to rhel6.


Nushio said...

That's one hell of a keyboard. I loved it.

Unknown said...

I want a redhat keyboard :(

Bill said...

Nice looking keyboard, can you tell us a little more about it? Where did you get it? Would love to see one with Fedora branding.