Monday/Tuesday 2011-12-13

Ok the weekend was a blast playing Minecraft with my kid. My wife says we sound like a bunch of dwarves and should beware. I then play Gimli quotes on Youtube for fun.


  • Email not as bad as last couple of weeks
  • Worked on pass phrase tool.
  • Worked with Seth on known_hosts item
  • Worked with Kevin with collab change
  • Spend the evening going over password entropy and to see if we can run a password checker against our old passwords. [Mainly to get an idea of how many weak ones there were so we can be better informed in the future.]


  • Work inside of RH on DNS nameservices. Find out that our registrar doesn't do IPv6 yet. WHEEE
  • Weekly phone call with RHIT.
  • Remove old collab servers.
  • serverbeach03 goes whacky when trying to decommission it.
  • Wrote a HOWTO on travelling to the colo.
  • Dealt with zones we knew nothing about.. it would seem there are quite a few hanging out there that showed up after top level registrar was updated.
  • Rebuilt smtp-mm03
  • Sync'd over data to archives for F14.

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