Tuesday 2011-08-23

First day of Fedora Alpha. Head mirrors run fine and things look good. My installed systems have over 360 updates to make. Yep smells like Fedora :).

Learned that my phone company Qwest is being merged into CenturyLink and it has been going on for a year. I really am not connected with things.

Also learned that my favourite New Mexico Apple,
the Champagne Apple
, may go away. The farm has had a lot of changes which have made it unsustainable. I am not sure if the Apples can be grown elsewhere and as Melinda Snodgrass says in the article, they are ambrosia to eat.

Old Man Rant
Why is it wrong to say that the Year of the Linux Desktop (YoLD) has already happened.. its called Android? Yes it isn't "FreeLibreOpen" to the extent people expected the YoLD to be, and it is not what someone from the 1990's would call a desktop. However technology changes, and it is the primary interface that users people are getting to their data. Technology constantly changes how it presents itself as larger portions of a population use it.

Oh dear god, I think I have ranted on this before.. I must be getting old.

  • Email Grind
  • Systemd Grind
  • More APC updates
  • Work with Nirik on getting IMM located

  • Stevie Ray Vaughn - Greatest Hits
  • Miles Davis Quintet - Cookin' With...
  • Miles Davis Quintet - Relaxin' With...
  • Miles Davis Quintet - Workin' With...
  • George Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue
  • Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
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